Responses to Strength for Service to God and Community

“Everybody loves these Strength in Service daily devotionals. Billy Graham chaplains accompanied me to 3 different role calls at District 1. I was able to give out a whole case. And I have enough for a case for each district. Again thank you very much for those very encouraging devotional books and words of encouragement.”
Chaplain Duren Boyce
Baton Rouge police office

“We have started a Bible study here at the Medical Group that has been running for 2 months now.  Since the 2nd of July, I have been sending out an e-mail entitled  ‘Daily Encouragement.’  In this, I include the SFS Devotional for the day of issuance plus a few thoughts of my own, in order to encourage the men and women as they start each day.  We have about 12 people on average that attend and 19 who are receiving the “Daily Encouragement.

I use Strength for Service  so that we can all be on the same ‘page.’  Even though we only meet once a week, the devotional is sent out daily.  That way we have that connection as the body even when we are not meeting.  The manual is small enough to fit in the ABU cargo pocket.  This makes for much convenience when on the go.

Thank you for your ministry to our military members and civilians who serve our country, both on foreign soil and our own backyard.

Chaplain Ronald N. Lawrence,
Captain USAFR
Iber, AK

“Thank you for the invitation to write a recommendation for “Strength for Service.” One of the great traditions of our
church is the celebration of “The Blue Mass” which takes place at one of several significant times during the year: during the
week of the Police Officers National Memorial Week in Washington, D.C. every May, on September 29th which is the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, Patron Saint of Police officers, or on October 2, The Feast of the Guardian Angels. The Knights of Columbus play a major role in sponsoring The Blue Mass and our Knights Council at St. Ignatius of Antioch Parish in Antioch, California presented our Antioch Police Officers and myself with a copy of “Strength for Service” at the conclusion of The Blue Mass several years ago. It was gratefully received by our officers as well as by myself and I read it faithfully each day in solidarity with our officers for whom I serve as their Chaplain. On behalf of all of us, thank you for this powerful, inspirational, practical devotional. I have even quoted from it for some of our Awards Ceremonies and Swearing In Ceremonies. It has become an important part of my prayer life and I know it has been greatly appreciated by our officers.”

Father Robert Rien
Chaplain, Antioch Police Department and Pastor, St. Ignatius of Antioch Church
Antioch, California

“Thank you for bringing this book to emergency services.  I received the book Strength for Service to God and Community at the Federation of Fire Chaplain’s Conference in 2013.  After reading through the devotionals, I gave the book to a firefighter who was injured and not able to perform his normal duties.  He was feeling down about what had happened to him and the injury was taking a long time for him to recover.  After giving him the book and a firefighters Bible, he told me he began reading it and it was just what he needed.  He is now back to full duty and he has continued to read the book.

Another volunteer firefighter was injured at his regular job and unable to perform his regular duties at either job.  I was able to give him a book and Bible as well.  He told me he read Strength for Service and thought it was good for him.  So he passed it along to a full time firefighter in another department. That book will have legs of its own and only God knows where it is needed.

As a chaplain for our department I am grateful that I have resources available to give to the firefighters.”

Ken Ford
Central Mason Fire & EMS
Shelton, Wash.

“Defining moments seldom enter life with urgency or fanfare. Often, they slip quietly by and only in retrospect do we realize that we have experienced a defining moment. Not so on February 1, 2003, when the space shuttle Columbia broke up on reentry over the skies of East Texas. Throughout the space shuttle Columbia disaster, as thousands of emergency workers from all disciplines searched the rugged terrain, faith was a quiet––but important––bedrock that both supported and guided everyone involved through very difficult days. It is at times like these, as well as in the day to day grind for emergency responders, that a resource like Strength for Service to God and Community is invaluable. While the Columbia disaster was a sad moment for the U.S. space program, it was also a defining moment revealing that faith sustains people in times of disaster and trial. It was also a reminder that God does indeed honor the practice of faith through the prayers of his people. Strength for Service to God and Community can help encourage both.”

Robert D. Hurst, CPP, CHS-III, CDP-I
Incident Commander (Nacogdoches County, TX)
STS-107 Space Shuttle Columbia Incident

“We are positive these devotional reflections of God’s grace and love will have a significant impact upon our community servants. I know we will find ways to share this excellent resource with the endorsed community.”

Bruce S. Fenner, director of extension ministry and pastoral care
United Methodist Board of Higher Education and Ministry

The Galveston (Texas) Fire Department will receive Strength for Service to God and Community books from SFS Inc. We are honored to be included in this program and recognize the importance of this kind of support for our firefighters. They are all dedicated public servants who routinely place themselves in harm’s way to protect the citizens we serve and often need this kind of support as they struggle through tough times.

Mike Wisko, Fire Chief
Galveston, Texas

I thank you for caring enough to provide this to our public safety professionals.

Henry Porretto, Chief of Police
Galveston, Texas

I train chaplains who serve military troops, police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel. Sometimes these highly trained people can draw a blank during high-stress/trauma situations, I love the topics addressed in Strength for Service to God and Community. The book is easy to carry in military back packs or police and fire call-out bags. It can serve as a Godly adviser for first responders and a quick reference for chaplains. The book is especially needed in areas of high crime and times when tragic events occur. The book should be part of the protective gear of first responders––a book to help the mind soul, and spirit.

The Rev. Dr. Daniel G. Tackett
International Police & Fire Chaplains Association

Before reading this I wondered just how a devotion book could really connect with men and women who surely must have to harden their heart against the daily influx of tragedy. WOW! The personal stories and testimonies in this book pierced my heart immediately, and did the same to those first responders whom I shared this with.

I watched the faces of the people I shared with go from disinterest to mild curiosity to . . . tears. Several sighed, set the book down, wiped tears and then immediately picked the book back up. The only way I could get my copy back was to promise to by each one their very own copy.

The Rev. Mark Lubbock

I’ve been a first responder for over 20 years as a Paramedic on an ambulance and for the last 17 years on a fire truck. I’ve had many heart breaking experiences throughout my years and have come through it solely by the strength of my faith and the support of others. This devotional has helped me move from reactive to proactive and always seems relevant. It has had a tremendous impact on my life even in the short time I’ve been reading it. I highly recommend this book.

Eric Knoefel

I was a Houston Police officer for 30 years. Reading this amazing book of devotions was as if the writer was in my shirt pocket. The good and bad we face on a Dailey basis take there toll on First Responders. Facing the stress, the danger, the difficult situations, one becomes numb to so much tragedy. However, this does not mean that first responders do not need help in dealing with such stress . This Strength For Service To God and Community devotion is exactly the Blessing that is needed for First Responders and their families. I wish I had this book during my years with HPD. God Bless our First Responders and their families.

D.B. Ramsey

I purchased these to include in gift baskets to our local fire and police departments. We are a ladies group connected with our Christian church so these books of devotions were a perfect match to include.

J. K. Stanberry

“I just want to say how wonderful it is to read daily the Strength for Service to God and Community book. I did not serve in the armed forces but my entire male family did, including my Dad who was a POW and a bomber pilot in WWII. I wish he had had this book to read then; maybe he did. It is the most inspiring book I have read and I read a lot of non-worthy books, just for entertainment. This one has touched my heart. I am a licensed social worker and I did work with abused/neglected children for over 30 years. I wish I had had this book then also. At least I have it now and I plan to share it with all I know. Thank you to the organization Strength for Service and the dream that kept this book alive.”

Sincerely, Kim (Freeman – via Facebook)