Responses to Strength for Service to God and Country


“I truly appreciate the blessing that you are distributing amongst soldiers. The impact of something as seemingly small as a book, can make a life-changing impact. Thank you.”

Tanner Mitchel, chaplain’s assistant

877th Engineer Batallion

Haleyville, Ala.



“Thank you so very much for sending the Field Artillery Regiment (4th BCT, 10th MTN ID) a box of Strength for Service.  As an active duty Army chaplain and United Methodist clergy (SWTX Annual Conf.), I really appreciate the high quality of the devotions and my soldiers really get a morale boost when they find out that the book is free to them.”

Captain Stephen Echols

Battalion Chaplain

5th Battalion, 25th Field Artillery Regiment

4th BCT, 10th Mountain Infantry Division (LI)

Fort Drum, N.Y.



“Some time ago you sent me some copies of Strength for Service for use with veterans her at the VA Hospital in San Diego.  Many books were given to WWII, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf Veterans receiving end-of-life care in our Palliative Care Unit. I had the privilege of seeing several veterans experience significant spiritual healing at this crucial time in their lives and the Lord has used this devotional in a special way.  If you could send some more copies I would love to make them available to more veterans. God bless you for what you are doing to serve those who have served us!”

Steve Sexton

VA Medical Center

San Diego, California



“One of our company commanders brought this book to my attention.  I looked it over and found it to be very insightful, meaningful and personal.  The company commander would like to give one of these book to every paratrooper in his charge.  I would like some to give out to my paratroopers who are thirsty in this dry land.  If you can accommodate 200 books, that would be a blessing

“I love my job, if you call it a job.  Our God is awesome and everyday He amazes me with all of who He is.

“Grace from above,”

Captain Joel Britton, chaplain

501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, based in Richardson, Alaska

Deployed to Afghanistan



“I can testify being deployed away from family and friends will cause people like us to be discouraged and lonely.

“I know the times I encountered issues like those, I lean on God more than ever. When I read this book, along with my Bible in the morning before duty, it helps me to go through my day whatever circumstances come my way. The fifth Psalm, third verse, mentions, ‘My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.’

“I want to thank you for reviving the Strength for Service book, and I pray that it will continue to bless other Armed Forces personnel and give them the encouragement to go through life –– as it has done for me.”

Bennie Smith

Maintenance Support Specialist

Robins Air Base

Warner Robins, Ga.



“A good family friend gave me a copy of Strength for Service prior to my year-long deployment to Afghanistan. This year has been very rough and we’ve lost a lot of soldiers, including soldiers we never knew but fought so hard to save; most times we won that fight but sometimes we lost. I read the daily devotionals every night before bed to help me reflect on my day, become a better Christian and build my faith. On one of our toughest days here I returned to my room and said to God before opening the book, ‘This better be a good one… I need you’ and the devotional spoke about ‘Glorifying God in Suffering’. It was one of the most moving readings and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this book. It has helped me through a very tough time in my life and has become one of my most treasured possessions.”

Captain Bagzis

U.S. Army




“The daily devotional, Strength for Service, was a life saver for me during my deployment in Afghanistan 2011-2012.  They brought me closer to God and my fiancée back home, as we shared each daily devotional together.”

SPC Michael Levine

Second Brigade Combat Team

Fourth InfantryDivision



“Thank you so much for your support via the God and Country daily devotional books.  I love them and have been handing them out like candy to our sailors onboard the ship.  Not only is there some very good content in the booklets there is that all important connection to the past heroes that is so important to our military mindset.”

Lieutenant Buster Williams, command chaplain

USS Gettysburg, a guided missile cruiser

Mayport Naval Station

Jacksonville, Fla.



“I noticed a copy of Strength for Service in my priest’s office and I believe it will be a great read for our military folks here.  I currently work at the chapel onboard the Naval Base Ventura County, CA and our ministry reaches out to all pay grades, ranks and different types of commands.  We have students, wing, Seabees and many more!  Please send us the requested amount for the support of NBVC.  Thank you!”

RP2 Walter Brobst

Naval Base Ventura County

Port Hueneme, Calif



I made a request last week for 100 of the Navy covers and received 25 today. Those books were distributed within an hour and so I am therefore requesting an additional 125 (50 Navy Cover and 75 Khaki Cover) for our troops mobilizing as well as those in support of them here in NOLA and HQ. Thank you in advance for your support of our Marines & Sailors of 4TH Marine Division.

RPC Frank Sherard

Fourth Marine Division

New Orleans, La.



“We understand that for every $200 that is collected, your agency will send us an additional 20 devotional books to be distributed in our community. However, the Men’s Breakfast group wants you to know that while this gesture is appreciated, they prefer that these extra books also be sent to the soldiers. We have enclosed a check ($869) for this project. May God continue to bless your work.”

The Rev. Sharon Albert, pastor

Lucas (Kans.) United Methodist Church

Gary Bretz, coordinator

Men’s Breakfast Group



“Thank you for your constant support.  We really utilized these devotionals in such a life-enriching way in my last unit while we served over in Iraq.  I look forward to reaching a new set of soldiers in the 82nd Airborne Division with the Strength for Service books as we prepare for a difficult deployment returning to the Argandab Valley of Afghanistan where we lost so many soldiers just last year.”

Chaplain Jody Harlow

82nd Airborne Division

Pinehurst, N.C.



“I want to thank the many people behind Strength for Service to God and Country.

I am truly blessed by this devotional. I enjoyed a copy that was my grandfather’s during World War II and I was excited when I go an updated copy during my recent deployment to Afghanistan. I enjoy it and try to make a point to use it daily.”

Adonai is Semper Fi.

Major Dean Driskill

Havelock, N.C.



Strength for Service books have gone like wildfire.  These are a blessing beyond blessing.  One man told me he picked one up in our chapel, one that I put out, and began to read it.   He was going to look up how he could order more for his friends and family. These books are bringing great comfort and encouragement to who knows how many troops.”

Wing Chaplain Walter (Bubba) L. Smith

United States Air Force Reserve

Balad, Iraq



“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 40 Strength for Service to God and Country Daily Devotionals.  They came today.  They will be of great value to strengthen the faith of the women and men in service at the Air National Guard Readiness Center.   The Pastoral Care Chaplains will be able to distribute them.

“I am proud not only to serve God as a chaplain in the Air National Guard, but proud of the United Methodist Denomination, my own denomination, and our outreach and care through the General Commission on United Methodist Men and the Scouting ministry.”

With appreciation,

Major Jackie Ann Rose Kraft, chaplain

Joint Base Andrews, Md.



“Thank you for these wonderful little books.”

Chaplain Erik Myhrberg

Stafford, Va.



“Thank you for making these available to our service men and women.  I will try to get these into their hands so the Word can get into their hearts.”

Captain Timothy T Sessions, chaplain

Altus, Okla.



“Thanks for the wonderful service!”

Sergeant Joseph Henry, chaplain’s office

Fort Snelling, Minn.



“I first encountered your resource while deployed in 2009. My soldiers loved it. I’m in a new location, and I am already receiving requests for it.

“It’s the best devotional I’ve come across.”

Captain Paul Tolbert, SDDC chaplain

Scott Air Force Base




“I use this book for my personal devotions and I would like to share them in my National Guard BN.

“While I would like them beforehand, I can have them shipped to the site of my deployment if the date is too close.”

First Lieutenant Jeremy Pederson

Atlantic, Iowa



“I am in the 63rd Theater Aviation Brigade. I have a battalion that will deploy in August. I would like to have enough books to offer every soldier deploying.”

Major Jay Pagett, chaplain

Boone National Guard Center

Frankfort, Ky.



“Thank you for providing a great resource. They are a great asset to our soldiers.”

First Lieutenant Curtis Ketsenburg

Springfield, Mo.



“We support 21 ships on Mayport Naval Station and sailors going to Iraq and Afghanistan. This book is definitely a great addition to our spiritual/morale package. God bless you.”

RP2 Thomas Keble

Mayport Naval Station

Jacksonville, Fla.



“I am serving with the Special Troops Battalion. We are due to deploy to Afghanistan. I appreciate any support your ministry can offer.”

Captain Rod Gilliam, chaplain

Fourth Infantry Division

U.S. Army

Colorado Springs, Colo.



“Two years ago, I asked my Sunday school class (old men – I’m 90 years old) for a check to go with mine. I was hoping for $25. Two men spoke up and said, “I was given one when I went into the service in World War II, and I still have it.” Another man spoke up and said, “I move we sent $50. Motion passed.

“As a WWII veteran of the US. merchant marines, (I know) merchant seaman need Strength for Service more than anyone else. I know — I was there. We don’t need to forget our merchant seaman. It seems Washington has.”

The Rev. Henry K. Erwin

Waynesboro, Ga.



Mike Bremer of Middleville, Mich., says his congregation gives Strength for Service to God and Country to members of his congregation who are entering the military. He received the following response on a postcard:


“Dear Mike

So good to hear from you, man. Thank you very much for the Strength for Service daily message book and New Testament. I read 1 message a day, sometimes to others if they wish to hear. In times like these, it really helps to be able to relate to the life lessons of Jesus. Sometimes it can be the only thing keeping me from tearing all my hair out. During stressful days, I like to read 27 May, “Spiritual Peace.” I would like to share my thoughts (discuss) sometime. In late April I’ll be home on leave, so maybe then! Thanks again!”




“Thank you. I recently requested some books for our upcoming deployment. I just want to say, thank you for sending them so promptly.”

Chaplain David Tish

Boise, Idaho



“I am a recently deployed chaplain’s assistant, and I’ve heard great things about your book. I’m hoping to get copies to hand out to our military members at our FOB.”

Staff Sergeant Brian Hanna

Camp Dubs

Kabul, Afghanistan



“My soldiers love these books. Thanks so much.”

Stephen Pauley

Hamilton, Ohio



“We have a 2,500 force deploying from Minnesota later this fall. We have used the devotions in the past and really enjoyed them. If 500 is too much, we’ll take whatever you can give us.”

Sergeant Jonathan Groeneweg

Roseville, Minn.



“I am battalion chaplain for a USMC unit that is heading to Afghanistan soon. I would appreciate copies to give to my marines. They will be spread out to several small outposts.”

Chaplain Chris Martin



“My soldiers have expressed a deep desire for these devotionals. I’m sure that our prayers for the salvation and sanctification will be answered if they receive the tools they need to hear God’s word and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Chaplain Steven Sudduth

Lexington, Ky



“We have received the books in the past and they have been very comforting and helpful to members of the 10th Air Force. We have only a few remaining, and with the stress our members have received this year, having more on hand would be very helpful.”

Chaplain Chiquita Wilson

Carswell Air Force Base

Fort Worth, Texas



“I request Strength for Service books so we can hand them out to our recruits going through training as well as their drill instructors.”

RP2 Sarah Reza

MCRD Parris Island

Beaufort, S.C.



“These were great for soldiers in my last unit. I think my new unit will like these too. Thank you very much.”

PFC Michael Kuntz, chaplain’s assistant

Fort Bragg

North Carolina



“I received a shipment of these in my last unit and took them with us when we deployed to Iraq. Since coming back I’ve been assigned to a new duty station and would love to have some more to distribute to my new soldiers. Thanks for making these available.”

Captain Ken May, chaplain

Fort Bliss




“We are being deployed to Iraq. I shared these devotionals with many soldiers and veterans and now I need more.”

Chaplain Kevin White

Cincinnati, Ohio



“Two men came to Christ in basic training as I ‘reluctantly’ gave away my copy to one of them. They both approached me sometime later expressing great joy that I had shared my testimony while giving away my book.

“Years later, after I was married, my father in-law had owned a copy printed during WWII. I was a marine machinery technician now, and full time Army Reservist.

In 1999 the Lord called me in a vision as a Pastor.

In 2003-2004 I served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

On 4 Feb. 2005, I was independently ordained, and had held the office of a Presbyterian Deacon.

On 6 Feb. 2005 I suffered a massive heart attack in water survival training; having Jesus pressing up against me shoulder to shoulder in shadow and out of body experience. It was my 20 years of military service on that day.

Today I am a licensed volunteer chaplain, attempting to share Christ harder than ever with our troops. I have come full circle now, and more than ever, need your booklet Strength for service to God and Country, it is spiritual food for the soul and has always played an important role with our service members since the second world war.

Today it is harder than ever to find spiritual comfort within our military, as books like these are no longer allowed to be passed out to our forces by our Government. Yet you can make a difference like I did, by giving these books to our troops individually.

Chaplain Roland Dell

Kent Island, Md.



“I was wounded in Iraq, and I was medically discharged I still have my military benefits that’s how badly I was injured, but I was wondering if you could send me a copy of your book and perhaps personalize it. It would me a great deal to me; religion seems to be the one steady thing in my life that keeps me motivated. Thank you kindly.”

SPC Danielle Mekailek

Santa Rosa, Calif. (deployed to Iraq Sept 2006 – Oct. 2007)



“I recently requested some books for our upcoming deployment and I received them several days ago. I just want to say, ‘Thank you for sending them so promptly.’ I hope to send you stories of soldiers lives touched because they grew closer to God because of this book. Keep up the great work and support of our troops. We will be deploying this fall, 2010.”

LTC Dave Tish, chaplain

116th BCT

Idaho Army National Guard

Boise, Idaho



“These were great for the soldiers in my last unit. I think that my new unit will like these too. Thank you very much.”

PFC Michael Kurtz, chaplain assistant

Fort Bragg, N.C.



“Our soldiers in basic training really enjoy these books. They help them get motivated.”

PFC Brandon Warren

Fort Knox, Ky.



“This is the largest deployment for the Vermont National Guard since World War II. Strength for Service devotionals have also been requested by wives and parents attending the Yellow Ribbon events for families.”

Chaplain James MacIntyre

Vermont National Guard

Colchester, Vt.



“I am a chaplain’s assistant for 40th ESB and I received a copy of this book from a chaplain of our sister company. I found it to be extremely uplifting. We are deploying soon and I and my chaplain would like to be as well prepared as we can possibly be. That I why we decided to place an order for this book because lifted spirits can prevent all kinds of complications that can occur under the stress of deployment. I’d like to say thank you for having the heart to do something like this for soldiers. You have no idea how appreciated you are.”

SPC Philip Smith

Ft. Huachuca, Ariz.



“All soldiers will be activated to duty on 15 August, 2010, I hope to put a book in the hand of each of my soldiers.”

Chaplain John Branning

Crystal Springs, Miss.



“I am the full time Joint Support Chaplain Assistant for the Kansas National Guard. I received one of these when I deployed and am now requesting some to provide to soldiers in my state who are deploying. Thank you for the support and encouragement you provide through these devotionals.”

Sergeant Mike McClellan

Topeka, Kans.



“I am a new chaplain assistant and I am glad to hear we can pass devotionals out to our soldiers. It is comforting to them when we show how much we support and care for them.”

Pamela Chappel, chaplain assistant

Fort Knox, Ky.



“Thank you for your dedication in supporting the chaplain mission to bring soldiers to God and God to soldiers.”

Lieutenant Demetrius Walton, chaplain

Scranton, Pa.



“Please send 200 books for the Navy and Army guards serving Guantanamo Bay. These are a big encouragement to them.”

Lieutenant Anthony Carr, chaplain

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba



Please send 400 books for sailors aboard the USS Makin Island LHD8

RP2 Jason Cooper, U.S. Navy

USS Makin Island LHD8

San Diego, Calif.



“Please provide 100 copies. Thank you very much. Our soldiers will be really blessed.”

Lieutenant Anthony Gasso, chaplain

Los Alamitos, Calif.



“Faith in God played a vital role in my deployment to Iraq in 2004, and this book would have played a large role in my deployment experience. It will be a tool that I hold on to and use at the point the president and the United States Army calls upon my service. Thanks for the resource and I pray that this is a tool that is continued to be provided to service members in the future.”

Sergeant Ryan Luchau

Montana Yellow Ribbon Program



“Please send 100 Strength for Service books. We will distribute them at Sather Air Force Base at the Baghdad International Airport.”

Chaplain Mike Grubbs


Baghdad, Iraq



“Received the SFS’s today and wanted to thank you, some of this shipment will be carried by soldiers as they deploy to assist the people of Haiti.”

Captain Jacobs, John W. Jr., chaplain

597th Transportation Terminal Group

Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

Ft. Eustis, Va.



“As you know, our military is being asked to do even more with less these next couple of years to support Afghanistan initiatives.  Your beliefs on the war are irrelevant to deciding to support this ministry.  If you believe in God’s great ‘Agape’ love that he showed through sacrificing his only Son Jesus, as the Apostle Paul said, ‘Even though we were retched sinners-Christ died for them’ then I ask that you pray how that unconditional love guides you in your support.

On Father’s Day of 1998 I said goodbye to my wife and two kids, 9/7 year olds to deploy to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  December of 2008, I deployed for six months as the command chaplain for a Joint Special Operations Task Force combating terrorism.  It was the first time in my military career I had missed Christmas and all our birthday’s.  I spent Christmas day at the entry control point hanging out (ministry of presence) with one of the Navy’s finest MSRON (Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron) troops as he showed me pictures of his 6 year old and 7 month old children.  He had only spent ONE Christmas with his oldest son.  I said nothing about this only being my first away from my family.

I shared a copy of Strength for Service with this military member and hundreds like him.  I heard countless stories of how during times of high stress like holidays away from family have given them Strength to continue serving their country!  Every holiday you and I celebrate, we must always remember 9/11 and pray for the men and women who sacrifice their freedom so that we can enjoy ours.

Chaplain Corps have very limited if any funding while deployed.  Your generosity makes the Strength for Service critical to military chaplains throughout the world!  Many times it is the only source in addition to Bibles to put into the hands of our faithful men and women of the Armed Services to help them keep going and keep the faith during times of stress, need and loneliness.

I’m humbled and honored to be able to serve God in ministry and represent you.  Know that your support will enable renewal of the church and make disciples across the world-‘The World is Our Parish’.”

Mike Solano, chaplain

149 Fighter Wing

Texas Air National Guard



“You were a blessing to my ministry and soldiers when I was serving in the Ohio Army National Guard. God has seen fit that now I serve in the active duty Army and have recently moved to Fort Hood, site of the Nov. 5, 2009 tragedy.

“The 1,200-member battalion I am attached to may be the largest in the largest in the Army. And I am now doing double duty covering another battalion with another 1,000 soldiers that is without a chaplain. Both battalions appear to have been without a chaplain for a few months and there is absolutely no religious-support material for either one. Anything that you can donate would be greatly appreciated. My primary battalion is gearing up to deploy in September, 2010.”

First Lieutenant Bryan S. Kimble, chaplain

Fourth Brigade Combat Team

Fort Hood, Texas



“I am currently serving at West Point, United States Military Academy. For my last two assignments, I have given the Strength for Service devotional as a graduation gift for the soldiers who graduated basic training, Fort Jackson and for cadets who graduated the Academy at West Point. They highly value such a historic and yet spiritual document. Please share with the caring members of the United Methodist Church that these devotionals are placed in the hands of the future leaders of the United States Army and thank them for their contributions.”

Major Rick Cantrell, chaplain

United States Military Academy

West Point, N.Y. 



“Thank you for the books you shared with us.  As many churches realize there is not a lot of direct feedback from outreach ministries.  Sometimes it is in the planting of the seed and allowing God to send someone to water and nourish.  I can tell you that I have seen patients reading your materials.  I have had patients thank me for providing these great resources.  I have also had one of our staff come in and ask for one to send to her deployed son.  ‘Chaplain, this blessed me so much that I just have to send it to my son.’

Again, thank you for your support in shared ministry.”

James E. Rayburn

Chief of Chaplain Services

VA Medical Center

Lexington, Kentucky



“Please send  Strength for Service books. I will be serving about 500 soldiers while deployed to Kuwait.”

First Lieutenant W. Lee Frye Jr., chaplain

U.S. Army

Cordele, Ga.



“This service is greatly appreciated. Our subordinate unit ministry teams have cleaned me out. As the senior ministry team, we try to keep our other ministry teams supplied with these devotionals.”

SFC Keith Byers

Centennial Colorado



“Thank you for the books. They help our troops a lot. God bless.”

First Lieutenant Anthony Gasso, chaplain

Joint Forces Training Center

Los Alamitos, Calif.



“I am chaplain of a Combat Engineer Battalion. We will be deploying in December and I would like to provide your resource to each of the deploying soldiers in my battalion.”

Chaplain Jeffrey Mitchell

Fort Bragg,

North Carolina



“Please send 400 additional books. Your books are very popular here.”

SPC  John L. Land

Fort Leonard Wood




“I am a chaplain assigned at West Point, N.Y. I have received Strength for Service devotions before when I was serving at Fort Jackson, S.C.”

Chaplain Rick Cantrell

West Point

Fort Montgomery, NY



“Our basic training soldiers loved the first batch you sent, and when I was in Afghanistan these devotionals sustained us. Thank you very much.”

Chaplain Jerry Johnson

U.S. Army

Fort Jackson, S.C.



“Please send 1,000 copies of Strength for Service to God and Country. The reason for requesting the large quantity is that our mission here at Fort Dix is mobilizing and demobilizing soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines and coast guard personnel. We truly appreciate your donation. Strength for Service is a great book that all have loved.”

Sergeant Denise Powers

Fort Dix

New Jersey



“I am Chaplain Abraham Sarmiento’s assistant. We would like 250 books prior to our November deployment to Forward Operating Base Shank in Afghanistan.”

PFC Morales

Hunter Army Air Field

Savannah, Ga.



“We are with the USS New York. It is a ship built out of metal from the World Trade Center. We are a pre-commissioned ship and are starting our chaplain’s department from the ground up. Any help for our crew would be great.”

Chaplain Edmond Garrett

USS New York



“I am a Navy chaplain providing coverage for the USS Porter. We are just beginning a long deployment and I need 300 copies of Strength for Service. I am very thankful and excited to receive the copies for my sailors.”

USN Lieutenant Scott Sroka, chaplain

USS Porter Guided Missile Destroyer

Norfolk, Va.



“We distributed nearly 200 of these last month. They are very popular and we could definitely distribute more.”

SPC Stephen Pearson

Tripler Army Medical Center

Honolulu, Hawaii



“We have one battalion-size element deploying about 300 and one battalion of 700 returning. We have some books, but would love to have more.”

SPC Rory Townley

Carson City, Nevada



“I took some of these books to Iraq with me the last time I deployed and I would love to be able to take some again as well as give them out before we leave. Thanks so much for all you do.”

Captain Matt Hamrick, chaplain

Fort Carson, Colo.



“Please send us 100 books. Be have had Strength for Service books before, and they are very popular with our troops.”

Chaplain James Bastian

Niagara Falls, NY



“I work at the NAS Whiting Field chapel and we have been using your Strength for Service devotionals to help inspire new aviators. We are currently running low on tan copies, and I would like to request 200 additional copies.”

LTJG Craig Tieman

Whiting Field Chapel

Milton, Fla.



“I work with Marine recruits during their second phase training at Camp Pendleton. I also serve a battalion of 450 Marines. These are great portable books that these guys can really get a lot of use out of. I appreciate the support.”

Lieutenant Matthew Weems, chaplain

Camp Pendleton, Calif.



“I am a chaplain assistant we would like to give these out to deploying troops.”

Jessica Sama

182 Airlift Wing

Peoria, Ill.



“Thank you for taking the time to think of our soldiers. It means a lot to them while they are away from his or her family. Your dedication and loving spirit is greatly appreciated.”

First Lieutenant Andy Stockner

Virginia Army National Guard.

Forward Operating Base

Orgun-E Afghanistan



“I want to let you know how appreciative we are. Studies show there is a direct correlation in recovery for traumatic events to how well a soldier ‘feels cared for.’ Here we get to see some of the worst things that are found in humanity and, contrastingly enough, the very best that can be found in humanity. An example would be a local Afghan man is brought in with a gunshot wound to his leg, severing the femoral artery and, wouldn’t you know, his blood is type A/B. The American Red Cross isn’t here, so the call goes out for donors and the American soldiers stand up and step forward.”

Captain John Jacobs, chaplain

Forward Operating Base

Orgun-E, Afghanistan



“I have asked many of our soldiers if they would like copies of this book. I have had such an overwhelming response that I would like to order enough for all deploying. I am the deployment cycle support manager and run the deployment prep workshops. Thanks for all that you do. This book will be a blessing to many.”

First Lieutenant Barbara Conner

Fort Harrison, Montana



“I’m a UMC Army chaplain serving on active duty. I’ve deployed thee times to Iraq in the past five years and I typically receive one main request from my soldiers: ‘Hey Chaplain, do you have a year-long devotional?’ I would appreciate you being able to send me 50 copies of Strength for Service to God and Country. I know the guys would really appreciate them, and I know they would use them.”

Captain Clint Black, chaplain

Third Battalion 10th Special Forces Airborne

Fort Carson, Colo.


“I have depleted my supply of Strength for Service books during our unit’s recent deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. I would deeply appreciate a new supply of 100 books if possible.”

Lieutenant Daniel Curtis, chaplain

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion

United States Navy



“I go onto the SFS website, copy/paste the devotions daily and email them to our FRG leaders back in the U.S. and Germany and I also email the devotions to our Battalion, which is spread across Afghanistan.

“I have throughout the time received feedback of how these devotions were a great help for a wife back home or a soldier/leader needing a word of encouragement. I know from personal experience they are right on target, yesterday we were rocketed again and the devotion for May 27th hits the nail right on the head! Please send 150 more books.

“God Bless you all at SFS and May God continue to pour out His mercy and grace on America.”

Captain John W. Jacobs Jr.

U.S. Army




“I will be deploying as the chaplain of the Infantry 48th Base Support Battalion. We will be spending a year in Afghanistan. We have around 350 soldiers in the battalion and around 4,000 in the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Georgia Army National Guard. I appreciate you donation and covet your prayers.”

Lieutenant Leslie Nelson, chaplain

Georgia Army National Guard

Forsyth, Ga.



“Greetings from Japan. I am the command chaplain on board the USS Blue Ridge. I was pointed in your direction by a Chaplain Paul Hyder. He has highly endorsed your devotional. We have about 1,100 sailors on board Blue Ridge. I request 200 books. Thank you for all that you are doing for the men and women in uniform. Your ministry is certainly a blessing to those that serve.”

Lieutenant Steven Benefield, command chaplain

USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19)

Yokosuka, Japan



“I use Strength for Service to God and Country for my daily devotions and have found it truly a great blessing.”

Lieutenant John Jacobs, chaplain

U.S. Army 276 Engineer Battalion




“These devotionals are most helpful for our Marines both pre-and –posd eveployment. Thank you.”

Chaplain Shelly Scheibeler

U.S. Marine Corps

Mobilization Command

Kansas City, Mo.



Strength for Service is used for those about to deploy. Many thanks for all that you do in spiritual support for those who wear the uniform.”

Major Leslie Janovec

Randolph Air Force Base, Texas



“I support two chaplains and 24 submarine crews. We used to receive Strength for Service in the past and we would like to receive more.”

RPC Timothy S. Brewster

Naval Submarine Support Cent

Bangor, Wash.



“I serve in Kuwait at the gateway to the Middle East where we provide counseling and help to over 4,000 airmen daily. We are asking for any type of literature and devotionals.”

SrA Martin Gomez, chaplain assistant

APOD Chapel




“I have used Strength for Service as a resource over the years for troops and families and give thanks to the Lord for what I think is one of the best resources available during the time of war. My first copy was given to me on loan from a member of my congregation who had served in World War II.”

LTC Gene Hanke, chaplain

U.S. Armory

Tomah, Wisc.



“I am the chief investigation s operation officer responsible for training new arrivals at the law Enforcement Professional Program in Iraq. Over the past four months I have been passing out Strength for Service as part of our training package. I have personally used it as my daily devotional since December, 2007, and I’ve been most inspired by its content.”

Bob Mosier

Law Enforcement Professional Program




“I wanted to know if I could order a few cases of the Strength for Service devotionals for my Basic Training soldiers here at Fort Jackson. They were a very popular item in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division.”

Captain Jerry Johnson, chaplain

2-39 Infantry Battalion

Fort Jackson, S.C.



“The solders here are all wounded and always have a need for a daily word to pick them up. I thank you for he ministry that you do through this.”

Sergeant Mark Wright, chaplain assistant

Warrior Transition Battalion

Fort Benning, Ga.



“I just received the shipment of Strength for Service.  THANK YOU!  I have been sitting here flipping through the devotional and it looks like a great tool. I appreciate the generosity of the SFS organization.”

Lieutenant Travis Long, chaplain

1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment

Camp Lejeune, N.C.



“I just wanted to let you know that the devotionals you sent us here in Kandahar, Afghanistan arrived on Saturday afternoon. We immediately distributed them in the new worship service we started yesterday, and we have also placed them on our religious supply tables in the new chapel (which is basically the dining facility tent). Please extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those you work and serve alongside with for their thoughts, prayers and faithful acts of service.”

Captain Lyde Andrews, U.S. Army chaplain

Kandahar Airfield




“I am the chief investigations operation officer for the law enforcement professional program in Iraq. Our job is to identify the networks killing our soldiers. Over the past four months I have been passing out Strength for Service as part of our training package. I have personally used the book for my daily devotions since December, 2007, and have been inspired by its content.”

Bob Mosier

FOB Diamondback

Mosul, Iraq



“I would like to request 2,500 copies of the book Strength for Service to God and Country. Colonel John Owens, chaplain of the Georgia Army National Guard, is going to give them to his chaplains so they can give them to soldiers before deployment over the next several months.”

Sergeant Beverly Jackson

Georgia Army National Guard

Ellenwood, Ga.



“I greatly appreciate these wonderful books. My soldiers cannot get enough of them – every deployment briefing that I give, I get an overwhelming request from soldiers for these.”

Captain Daniel Knaup

Whitehall, Ohio



“Thank you so much for making these available. Some of the soldiers we will be taking had a pretty rough deployment last time around, and these will really help.”

Captain Thomas Tedmon, chaplain

South Dakota National Guard

Fort Hood, Texas (mobilization post)



“I use the Strength for Service devotional book every day. Sometimes I get behind, but I catch up. I had been looking for a copy of the book for almost six months, and I finally found two copies while I was passing through Ali A Saleem on the way back to Iraq from leave. I sent one to my mother-in-law, and kept one for myself. She had been looking for a devotional that she and I could both use from opposite sides of the globe. Since then, my wife has expressed interest in taking up daily devotions as well.”

CW2 Billy Myers

Camp Taji




“This is a good tool to foster and encourage soldiers to maintain their relationship with God.”

Chaplain Frederick B. Denning

Fort Bragg

North Carolina



“It’s becoming harder to find good military focused devotional material to give to our deploying troops. I am very thankful to find this resource and provide copies to any and all I can.”

Captain J. Brian Anders, chaplain

Elmendorf Air Force Base




“The students of Submarine School and my command are enjoying this book. Even the base CO and XO have given great reviews about this item.  Therefore, they want more if possible.”

RP3 Chisan.Yeung

Naval Submarine School

Groton, Conn.



“Though it is not merely a United Methodist project, I need to tell you about the Big Gift.  The national office of the United Methodist Men has provided thousands of copies of Strength for Service to God and Country, a devotional book made specifically for the ‘pluralistic’ military environment.  More than a million of the original version was used in WWII, and one of the sailors from that period, gave his battered and worn copy to his grandson before he died. The grandson, a 15 year old Boy Scout at the time, decided to edit the original and add some more to it to reflect the much more pluralistic military environment of today for his Eagle Scout project.  And now we are handing them out by the thousands because of the generosity of the United Methodist Men, and your generosity that is making this whole project possible.
“Do you know of any 15 year olds who think they can’t do anything worthwhile?  Do you know of any small country churches who feel like they are no longer relevant?  Tell them about your small part in a big thing that God is doing.”

Major James Lewis, chaplain

Ohio Army National Guard

371st Sustainment Brigade

Al Asad, Iraq



“I received a copy of Strength for Service from a chaplain while deployed to Haiti. This is one of the best books I have ever received. I continue to read it today. I have carried it on several deployments. Thank you for this outstanding book.”

Lt. Col. Tim Brandon

US Air Force

Yorktown, Va.



“Established in 1801, the Marine Corp Barracks in Washington, D.C. supports ceremonial and security missions in the nation’s capital, including burials at Arlington Cemetery. Marines from the barracks participated in the defense of Washington in the War of 1812 and the barracks currently serve as the home of the US Marine Corp Band.. “Strength for Service books give great strength to Marines at the oldest post in the Corp.”

Chaplain John R. Logan

Eighth and I

Washington, D.C.



“Thank you so much for this material. I have used it on two deployments and the devotionals have been a blessing.”

Chaplain Cornelia White

Fort Leonard Wood




“As a United Methodist clergyman, I’m so very proud of the United Methodist Church’s commitment to John Wesley’s vision ‘the world is our parish’ as they provide this awesome resource especially to National Guard chaplains who have no funding.  I have received rave reviews from airmen that have read this devotion.  One airmen told me she was dealing with a friend dying of cancer; she didn’t know what to say to her and then read Strength for Service. ‘It was if God was speaking to me through the reading and I then knew what words would be of comfort to her.’ Praise God!”

Chaplain Mike Solano

Lackland Air Force Base, Texas



“I would like to express my gratitude for the 700 Strength for Service to God and Country books. These have been a tremendous source of inspiration to our service members in particular. I have also distributed these books to all other camps throughout Kuwait and also to our civilians working on base. Our service members express their gratitude for these devotionals.”

Major Kristi P. Papas, chaplain

U.S. Army Support Group




“Everyone loved Strength for Service. Since we have more men and women deployed family members are also reading the book.”

U.S. Army Chaplain John Davis

East Orange, New Jersey



“The Strength for Service devotionals went like hotcakes.”

Chaplain Bill Berry

Camp Joseph T. Robinson

Arkansas Army National Guard

Little Rock, Ark.



“On behalf of the paratroopers of the Third Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, thank you for your part in sending a donation of 100 copies of Strength for Service. As the last true airborne division in the world’s most feared Army, the temptation is to think that we can successful defend America’s freedoms by human power. However, Proverbs 21:30-31 reminds us, “there is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord. The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.” As the Panthers of the Third Brigade Combat Team prepare for our imminent deployment into harm’s way, the Strength for Service books will help our paratroopers to maintain a high level of spiritual fitness as we look to the Lord for spiritual strengthened prayers. Please pray for us as we seek to honor the Lord Jesus by bring order to a chaotic situation. Again, thank you for your generosity.”

Major Paul Jaedicke, chaplain

Parachute Infantry “Regiment

Fort Bragg, N.C.



“The boys in my Boy Scout troop would like to give out the Strength for Service devotional to the workers for a local power company. The employees of Mississippi Power Co. worked through the worst storm ever seen by man. They showed the strong will and determination that gave relief to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This may seem to some as if they were just doing their job, but consider many of these same people lost their homes too.”

Keith Kingrey

Carriere, Miss.



“We have had many military personnel ask about this devotional. It would be greatly appreciated if you could accommodate us here at the Pentagon Chaplain’s Office.”

William B. Broome

The Pentagon

Washington, D.C.



“I would like to have 1,000 Strength for Service books to get into the hands of troops that are serving in Kuwait. We have a new rotation that will start in October. Many of these troops will be moving into Iraq or Afghanistan.”

Major Kristi Pappas, chaplain

HHC Area Support Group




“On our last deployment to Kosovo in 2004, this devotional book was instrumental in helping keep our unit spiritually grounded.”

Sergeant Randy Wilson

Smyrna, Tenn.



“The chaplains’ office sponsored two retreats this summer for active duty service members who are on the staff at Lanstuhl (Germany) Regional Medical Center. the staff cares for seriously wounded American service members flown in from Iraq and Afghanistan. In June, Navy Chaplain Steve Stavoy led a retreat on understanding the mind and consciousness of Jesus. In July, I led another retreat on spiritual growth. Each retreat was attended by 40 participants. The Strength for Service devotional books you donated to us were made available and received with appreciation by retreat participants. The remaining books are on hand for us to give to patients, family members and other staff. Thank you very much for your generous contribution to the spirituality and resiliency of the military staff here.”

Commander Lyn Juckniess, chaplain

US Navy Clinical Pastoral Division

Lanstuhl, Germany



“On behalf of LTC Chadbourne, the 703D Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) Commander, I want to thank you for your prayers for and support of our American troops. I had written Larry Coppock earlier in our deployment for some Strength for Service devotionals which I distributed around the battalion.  I am sure God’s Word and the meditations have been a source of great encouragement and strength for our soldiers.  Our soldiers are on the dangerous and uncertain roads of Iraq almost every day hauling and retrieving resources and supplies from base to base.   The Commander allows the chaplain to have a prayer before each departing CLP.  I have also given several of the devotionals to our Ugandan team which provides base defense security at the gates and dining facility.  They were so filled with joy.  Again, thank you for your prayers and support.  We could not do what we do over here without knowing we have the support of our home team.  Lord’s continued blessings upon the ministry of the General Commission on United Methodist Men.  You are truly appreciated.” 

Captain Shannon Philio, chaplain

Forward Operating Base Kalsu

Iskandariyah, Iraq.



“I personally have given out hundreds

[of copies of Strength for Service], and the offices I’ve worked with, probably thousands. I have my own little corner of the post that I directly serve that is not too large, but past my ‘Jerusalem,’ I serve a broader ‘Judea,’ the largest post in western Iraq.”

Major James R. Lewis, chaplain

Al Asad Air Base

U.S. Air Force

Western Iraq



“We have started a Strength for Service group to discuss devotions in the powerful book during lunch time.”

Staff Sergeant Andretti Seno, chaplain’s assistant

U.S. Air Force

Curacao, Netherland Antilles



“The sailors here at the Naval Hospital in Bremerton are constantly being rotated through ‘rip to fill’ for places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The chaplains here incorporate Strength for Service into the pre-deployment training.”

Kyle C. Mallard, chaplain

U.S. Navy Hospital

Bremerton, Wash.



“I attended a training just recently and was given a Strength for Service and loved it.”

Andre Gordon

Non-commissioned officer

Peterson Air Force Base

El Paso County, Colo.



“Three boxes [of Strength for Service books] arrived on Monday afternoon. They are going to be perfect for our chapel. I can’t thank you enough.”

RP3 Benjamin L. Ivy

U.S. Navy

Sugar Gove Chapel

West Virginia



“I was given a copy of Strength for Service by an American soldier here in Basra and I wondered if you could send me some for distribution to our soldiers. We have nothing similar to your superb publication.”

Padre Mark Christian, chaplain

U.S. Army

Basra, Iraq



“I’ve given these [books] out in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now I’m here in the Philippines and I will distribute them cheerfully. The troops really love them.”

Major Shannon Pitts, chaplain

U.S. Army




“Thank you very much for your generous support of our soldiers and mission over the course of our deployment. Your support helps our soldiers who face daily combat stress to stay Army strong by boosting morale and maintaining high spirits. We are a battalion of approximately 1,200 soldiers out of Fort Steward, Ga. We supply maintenance, supply and services, transportation, medical services, force protection and convoy security for the 4th Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division. Our soldiers are on the roads of Iraq everyday hauling resources to and from various patrol bases throughout a 40,000 square mile area. We could not do what we do over here without knowing we have the support and prayers of our home team. Thank you again for standing alongside us as together we preserve and advance freedom. You truly make a difference.”

Lieutenant Colonel John P. Chadbourne, commander

703D Brigade Support Battalion

Kalsu, Iraq



“Thank you for the ministry that you provide for my soldiers.”

Chaplain Jay K. Clark

Contingency Operating Base Speicher

Tikrit, Iraq



“I am grateful for your generosity and that of your donors. I just love the devotional.”

Major Terrence M. Walsh, chaplain

10th Combat Aviation Brigade

Fort Drum, New York



“I am currently serving as a chaplain’s assistant in an American military unit in the Philippines. We are very active in the global war on terror. I have a copy of Strength for Service to God and Country and I get a lot of comfort and wisdom from it.”

Master Sergeant Richard Younkin, chaplain’s assistant

U.S. Air Force

Zamboanga City

Republic of the Philippines



“I am a hitchhiker from troop to troop so I get the chance to talk and ride with lots of soldiers. Strength for Service is a great resource. Our squadron lost a soldier from an improvised explosive devise a few days ago. It is always hard when it one of our own. Please be praying as we deal with his death and everything surrounding it.”

Captain Jonathan Knoedler, chaplain

3-89 Calvary

Bagdad, Iraq



“They have been quite popular [and] veterans have taken all the Strength for Service books that I had.”

Wayne Fl. Olson, chaplain

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Long Island, N.Y.



“Approximately 500 homeless veterans receive housing, new clothes, intensive counseling and the opportunity to meet with retired military chaplains during their two-week stay at the San Francisco Bay Area Veterans Stand Down. Our chaplains hand out copies of Strength for Service to those who make or renew their decision to follow Christ.”

Robert D. Taylor, chaplain’s assistant

Corte Madera, Calif.



“Thanks for the Strength for Service devotionals. They are being dispersed at Camps Arifjan and Buehring in Kuwait and Camp Fallujah in Iraq. I read the meditations for my birthday (Jan. 14) and a friend’s (Sept. 21). The meditations for these two days alone humble me. Everything worked out for the best and it was on God’s time- the right time. I speak of the devotional often––its history––its relevance––it’s an amazing book. My schedule as a nurse doesn’t always allow me to go to church, yet sharing daily devotions and reflections allows me to have church whenever – wherever. May God continue to richly bless your organization and your families.”

LTJG Elyse M. Martin

Nursing Corp

U. S. Navy

Camp Buehring, Kuwait



“I am an avid used books collector, and I found an old copy of the first edition of Strength for Service in a bookstore in Fredericksburg, Va.  The inscription is to a sailor, Courtney Emerson Birch, from his Chaplain, Lieutenant Allen Jones. The date on the flyleaf is June 23, 1943. I am a believer who read through the daily reader for a year, and was so blessed by its message that I have re-read it year after year. The most amazing part is that on the entry dated June 15, there are penciled notes from, I assume, Birch, that read ‘D-Day Saipan, 1944.’ I am so moved that this gift made its way back from the Second World War, and this Friday I am giving it as a gift to my boyfriend’s brother, who is graduating from OCS as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. My hope is that it will bless him as he goes into service with the encouragement that once blessed a WWII sailor.”

Beth DeRiggi

Virginia Beach, Va.



“Thank you very much for the Strength for Service book. I read one message a day.  Sometimes I read them to others, but only if they wish to hear. In times like these, it really helps to be able to relate to the life lessons of Jesus. Sometimes it can be the only thing keeping me from tearing all my hair out. During stressful days, I like to read 27 May ‘Spiritual Peace.’ Sometime in April I’ll be home on leave.”

Dan Weaver

This postcard was sent from Iraq to Mike Bremer of Middleville, Mich.



“I had a lot of requests for these devotional books in Kuwait and also here. They are portable and soldiers will read these type books. They are especially interested when I tell them that they are reprinted World War II books.”

Chaplain Troy Harrison

Fort Bragg, N.C.



“My Prayer Advocate, Dr Peter Thoms, and I were in Nashville in March. We were having breakfast at the Embassy Suites.  We got into conversation with a young lady who was cleaning off the tables.  She was expecting her second child and her husband was headed for Iraq.  I went to my room and picked up two copies of the Strength for Service and gave them to her so that they could read the same devotional the same day.  She said, ‘Thanks,’ and that she would give one to her husband. It blessed my heart to know I have made a difference in their lives.”

Lee Donley

Detroit Conference President of United Methodist Men

Oxford, Mich.



“I’ve heard very good things about the devotional Strength for Service and how it ministers to our airmen. My top chaplain assistant, Master Sergeant Tim Streich, asked me to secure much needed copies.”

Chaplain John A. O’Brien

115th Fighter Wing

Tuax Field

Madison, Wisc.



“Thanks so much for the copies of Strength for Service you sent.  I have already started doing ministry with Federal Bureau of Prisons staff members who are going through difficulties by giving them a devotional.  My warden recently lost his father who was big into Boy Scouting so I gave him a copy. When he thanked me, he indicated his family had placed one in his father’s casket.”

Chaplain William Hoyle

U.S. Federal Prison

Butner, N.C.



“I have found this wonderful devotional book, Strength for Service to God and Country at the family support unit at our armory. These little books offer comfort to so many under stress and in such isolation from the world. What a great thing the Commission on United Methodist Men is doing.”

Melodie Rivenbark

Tampa, Fla.



“This is the most popular of the devotional material we provide for our veteran patients.”

Chaplain Jim Durham

Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center

Muskogee, Okla.



“As the unit prepares to deploy, they’ll go through a number of stations to include finance, medical, etc., to take care of their records, shots, etc., to prepare for deployemt. One of the stations is the chaplain. At that time, I give out New Testaments and Strength for Service books.”

Captain Daryl Densford, chaplain

12 Combat Action Brigade Storck Barracks

Illesheim, Germany



“I served two tours in Vietnam and I know the value of the Word, especially when you are in the combat zone.”

George Mason

New Baden, Ill.



“I really do appreciate the copies of Strength for Service to God and Country !  I work with basic training soldiers––as well as drill sergeants and some other soldiers.  I get many requests for religious reading material––especially since the basic training soldiers aren’t allowed to read other materials––so this book really helps.  It is a great durable book that can go anywhere with them. Thank you for this ministry you provide for our soldiers.  It is a real blessing, and can certainly have great eternal value!

May God Bless each of you involved with the Strength for Service project.”

Captain Doug Hoover, chaplain

 2-10 Infantry Battalion

Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.



“When I was serving a Marine Battalion, these devotionals were very well liked and much appreciated.  I know it will be the same with the sailors stationed here in Japan.  I do look forward to continued blessings from you.  God bless!”

Lieutenant Johan Baik, chaplain

US Fleet Activities

Sasebo, Japan



“I handed out Strength for Service to God and Country during my one-year in Fallujah (and) I recently started a chapel service in the junior enlisted housing area. I would like to hand out copies of the book at a special service for our warriors at this new chapel site.”

CDR Alan Hanson

Deputy Command Chaplain

Marine Corps Base

Camp Lejeune, N.C.



“I received a box of Strength for Service to God and Country devotionals today. These devotionals will be picked up very quickly by soldiers who are open to God’s presence in a renewed way here in the war zone. We are facing some challenging times here in Iraq and all of us are able to draw strength and inspiration from the support we receive from people like you. Please accept my humble thanks for your continued support. May God bless all of you in your organization.”

Major R Jay Hearn, chaplain

Second Brigade Combat Team

Kalsu, Iraq



“I use the devotional book myself because of the perfect size; the devotionals give me a morning spiritual vitamin––a quick hit that builds me up in the faith.”

Lieutenant Virginia Emery, battalion chaplain

LSA Anaconda

Balad, Iraq



“The books were quite well received. I would like more copies if that is possible.”

Major Mike Hoffman, chaplain

412th Fires BDE

Camp Delta, Iraq



“In the past few hours, I showed the devotional online to a fellow chaplain who is leaving tomorrow for northern Iraq for 15 months. He was excited about the prospect of getting some of the Strength for Service devotional guides. He will join his unit who just arrived in Iraq whose commander is a previous parishioner of mine. He is requesting 100 to 120 of the devotional guiders for the three hundred troops he will be caring for driving convoys from Turkey to Bagdad.”

Captain Steven Lambert, chaplain

U.S. Army




“We received several boxes from ‘Adopt a Chaplain’ today and there was a copy of your Strength for Service devotional in the first box. A soldier watching us open the boxes immediately snatched it up and said, ‘This is what I really want.’”

Major R Jay Hearn, chaplain

Baghdad, Iraq



“I appreciate your offering this wonderful devotional and our military members greatly benefit by it.”

Major E. Ramsey Coutta, chaplain

Joint Forces Training Center

Camp Shelby, Miss.



“I’m happy to inform you that our unit safely returned to Fort Carson, Colorado, after the successful completion of a 15-month deployment to Iraq. We would like to express our sincere words of heart-felt appreciation for all the great support, care and prayers that you provided for all the soldiers, airmen, sailors and DOD civilians in our unit to lift up their morale and spirits during the deployment. It is a very wonderful meditation book that many love.”

Major Matthew B. Ahn, chaplain

Combined Joint Task Force Troy

Baghdad, Iraq



“A fantastic resource.”

Lt. Matthew David Ward, chaplain

North Carolina National Guard

Franklinton, N.C.



“I appreciate this service you are providing to our Marines.”

CDR Ralph S. Douglas, chaplain

Marine Corps Embassy Security Command

Quantico, Va.



“Thank you for being a blessing to troops through the chaplains who serve them. Our mail tells us that these days are very tough, so resources for ministry such as this are greatly appreciated.”

Daniel Hoebeke, founder

Adopt-a-Chaplain, Inc.

San Jose, Calif.



“I would like to thank the United Methodist Church for their caring and support of the U.S. Armed Forces. The devotional books were given to servicemen and women in the Kuwait area. They were pleased to receive and read such beautiful devotional books. Thank you and God bless you.”

Col. Curtis E. Wells, chaplain

Third Personal Command

Camp Donha, Kuwait



“Thanks for your support. We really appreciate it. Muchas gracias por todo amigos.”

SPC Pedro Rodriguez

Third Personal Command

Camp Donha, Kuwait



“Thank you so much. The box of 100 books arrived at the armory the other day and I am packing it to go to Camp Blanding for our annual training with other battalions. The soldiers will be at drill for selective missions and your books will be a splendid spiritual resource. Thank you for your kindness to our military that is doing a superb job under difficult and complicated world-wide situations. These young ones today are truly America’s finest and I will work tirelessly in God’s vineyard to serve them.”

Major Linda J. Pugsley, chaplain

Florida Army National Guard

St. Petersburg, Fla.



“United Methodist Men and Scouts gave the West Virginia National Guard a supply of Strength for Service books two years ago, but we are now out of our supply. We are looking at 1,000 to 1,200 service members being deployed out of this state in the next year. Most of these have not had the opportunity to receive a copy of this tremendous text.”

Chaplain Bruce D. Reed

Joint Forces Headquarters

Charleston, W.Va.



“Thank you for the spiritual support to the men and women of the Armed Forces. These devotionals are a great resource to provide to the cadets at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.”

Chaplain Gary Weeden

U.S. Coast Guard Academy

New London, Conn.



“I have 368 soldiers preparing to deploy for Iraq and I would like to present each one of them with a devotional that will encourage them and lift them up through their deployment.”

Chaplain Jody Harlow

1-2444th AVN Battalion

Hammond, La.



“Last Friday night I had dinner with a friend who has a teenage son who is going through hormonal changes and driving the household nuts. Just before we met me she had a huge fight with her son. They screamed, he spit, and she hit him. He said he was leaving for good. She threw his stuff out in the yard, and then headed to meet me for dinner. She was about to depart for Iraq in a few days, and I had planned to give her a Strength for Service devotional to carry with her.  When she got home, she read the March 2 devotion (Behold My Hands). She took this as a message from God that she should not have struck her son, and she thanked me for bringing her back to her faith in God after many years. She even attended church the following morning. This little book has been given to many of my close friends and family, and all love it.  I was given one by the chaplain with the Marine Corps League while visiting the Bethesda Naval Medical Center. I loved it so much I knew I wanted more to give to those who would appreciate them. The messages apply to everyone.”

Susan Warren

Rockville, Md.

Susan purchased several copies to give to friends and members of the armed services.



“I have had the opportunity to utilize the Strength for Service books in past assignments and realized what a blessing they would be for our troops who will be deploying later this year. In sharing this resource with other chaplains, they too have seen its value. Just today I was able to turn over six of our eight cases to one of the units who will be heading down range. The chaplain was excited to receive them. It is very important that we provide our soldiers with the tools they need to ensure they remain spiritually fit during their deployment.”

Major Bill Schneider, family life chaplain

U.S. Army Garrison

Vicenza, Italy



“I have served in the Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy for 10 years now with prior service as a Naval Intelligence Officer and as an enlisted sailor since 1979. Prior to this tour with the Coast Guard I have served three Marine tours, the last being with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, San Diego Calif. I was recalled to active duty in February of 2003 to serve in combat operations in Iraq. I first came in contact with the Strength for Service devotionals while assigned as the Deputy Wing Chaplain, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing responsible for preparing chaplains and religious program specialist for deployment to Iraq. In Iraq, we ministered to Christians, Muslims and Jews.  But the most highly sought after books remained the Bible and Strength for Service. In country we could not keep these in stock. While the Marines would use their Bibles and personal witness, they often provided a copy of Strength for Service to their Iraqi counter-part and he in turn gave the Marines a Koran and shared insights from his faith perspective. Through a simple faith-based devotional people came to share from their hearts about what faith in God meant for them.”

LCDR Father David Glassmire, chaplain

U.S. Navy

Lackawanna, New York



“Many of our people at Holloman Air Force Base deploy to regions where we are engaged in hostile actions. One of our own chaplains just returned from Afghanistan where he ministered to as few as 25 soldiers. He used and enjoyed these devotional guides as they helped him provide comfort and assurance that our Lord is at work in the midst of this conflict. Thank you for your generous contribution.”

Captain Paul B. Joyner, chaplain

49th Fighter Wing

Holloman Air Force Base

New Mexico



“I recently returned from Kuwait and elsewhere in the Middle East and I would like to tell you that [Strength for Service to God and Country] is a blessing to our troops overseas. During my stay in the Middle East, I have had numerous opportunities to visit military installations and to fellowship in the military dining facilities. I have had the opportunity to view many service members with their heads bowed in reverence to God for extended periods of times and I can assure you that it was not all for the nourishment that the meal was providing. They were thanking God that they were alive and for the ability to be there to partake in the meal. As a Force Protection Officer with Combat Support Associates, it was my job to train and oversee the security for the military installations in the Middle East. That is to say that we had to search every vehicle and most individuals entering the installations, and I would like to tell you that it was very gratifying and rewarding to see how many soldiers pulled that publication from their pockets. This publication is the soldier’s Upper Room, it is the word of God for the people of God and it is worded in such a way that it directly impacts the lives and daily responsibilities of the American fighting men and women. It is a blessing to have Strength and Service provided for our men and women who are in defense of our values and freedoms and who are willing to lay down their lives in order to ensure that we can enjoy those freedoms that only Americans have. The words within give them comfort and resolve and let them know that Jesus loves them and so does the country that they defend. And the book also allows them to dress in the armor of God in addition to man’s armor. I would like to personally thank you in behalf of all the men and woman serving in the Middle East for your concern for their spiritual health and welfare. You and your organization are a blessing to each and every one of the lives that you have impacted.”

Robert E. Lawrence, Jr.

Air Force Protection Office

Combat Support Associates

Fayetteville, N.C.



“Your ministry and service have been a blessing to so many young Marine recruits. Lay Leaders both Catholic and Protestant are given a copy of the devotional when they report to Weapons and Field Training Battalion. They are used during evening devotions, as words of encouragement to a struggling recruit – but most importantly as a generational link to the ‘faith of our grandfathers.’ Attention is drawn to the introduction and the relationship of Evan to his grandfather. Most if not all the recruits can relate to a faithful grandparent. While in Fallujah, Iraq, my fear was that those who entered into His presence may not have known Him. It was the heaviest burden I carried. Strength for Service [helps] lift these young men to the Lord.”

Captain Scott Radetski, chaplain

U.S. Marine Corps

Camp Pendleton, Calif.



“Thank you so much for the Strength for Service to God and Country books. They have arrived safely and are being distributed as I write this note to you. I have been carrying copies with me as I go “outside the wire” to visit soldiers at the places of duty within the Baghdad region. I have worked it out to where at least one book goes with every squad. The feedback from the soldiers is unanimous: ‘It is the perfect devotional for the warrior/soldier on the go.’ I keep mine in my left leg pocket, a perfect fit. Your ministry is a huge blessing. May God richly bless you all!”

Captain Pete Keough, chaplain

TF 519 MP “Vipers”

Baghdad, Iraq



“This book is of great spiritual value to those who the Lord has given me to serve.”

Captain Clifford Neuman, chaplain

First Infantry Division

Fort Riley, Kansas



“Thanks again for the books!  The signal battalion I serve is spread throughout Kuwait.  At every camp our soldiers now have access to Strength for Service because of your thoughtful donations and prayers.”

Captain Bill Killough, chaplain

U.S. Army Signal Battalion




“These devotional books are extremely important to soldiers coming through Fort Riley. Their 60-day training schedule is extremely busy, therefore not all may be able to attend worship services. Speaking as an OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) veteran, I can say that I would read anything over there and I think these books are great for soldiers to have in their pockets when the get some down time.”

SSG Tony Setzer

Chaplain’s Office

Fort Riley, Kansas



“The Strength for Service books have been very helpful for us here at Second Battalion. There are a variety of resources that I hand out to the recruits, but I think this is the best and most relevant. It really encourages them because it is written with a military focus. So many of the other resources are great, but don’t address the issues that we face here. Strength for Service speaks right to the heart of a warrior and hits on the topics that are at the forefront of our thoughts. The size is ideal for carrying in a cargo pocket or in the pouch of a pack. The recruits seem to enjoy reading it and being blessed by the stories and prayers. Thank you for this great ministry tool that you are equipping us with.”

Lieutenant Jason Rochester, chaplain

Second Recruit Training Battalion

Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Paris Island, S.C.



“I will deploy with my aviation unit to Iraq next spring. I’d like to request 200 copies of these wonderful books for my battalion. I was given a copy by my supervisory chaplain, and I’ve got to say they are excellent.”

First Lieutenant Philip A. Winn Jr., chaplain

Minnesota Army National Guard



“Thank you for your prayerful support as we continue our ministry to soldiers and their families.”

Chaplain Willie Ailstock

Fort Knox, Ky.



“The 172nd Stryker Bridge was preparing for departure from Iraq with some soldiers even on the plane when they were extended in Iraq for and extra four months. The dependants here at Fort Wainwright are devastated. If possible, could we get 10