Strength for Service

Providing Spiritual Daily Comfort

For Those Who Keep Us Safe and Secure​


Offering Spiritual Support for Those on the Front Lines

Serving on the front lines requires a steadfast spirit and mind. However, emotional trauma can affect all areas of life, and no one who sacrifices their life and well-being should ever walk this road alone.

Our Mission is to provide inspirational literature to those dedicated to our safety and well-being, while also fostering awareness of the spiritual needs within the community.

“Putting others first means this job is tough. Deputies and officers across the nation have families and issues we are dealing with too, but we put that aside to go out and serve our communities and keep people safe.”

Tommie Johnson III - Sheriff, Oklahoma City

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“Whatever the call is, you show up to make a difference… A life of service means you are there for someone else to make their life a little bit better.”

Miguel Baez - Captain, Oklahoma City Fire


Hear the Stories from
 Those Who Protect & Serve

Strength for Service presents real-life stories of men and women who sacrifice much for so many.

Through our “Because of You” series, we honor the countless front line and first responders who live to serve others with strength, honor, and sacrifice.

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Strength for Service

Strength for Service to God and Country

To God and Country

A popular devotional book for military personnel first printed in 1942, then carried by many armed forces members on through the Korean conflict.

Strength for Service to God and Community

To God and Community

Strength for Service To God and Community is is filled with daily devotions for law enforcement personnel, firefighters, healthcare workers and other first responders.

To God and Community
(Scout Edition)

This pocket-size resource is full of daily devotional messages - the perfect gift for Scouts of all ages.

Order your book today and regain your spiritual support and comfort.