Thank you for your interest in supporting Strength for Service in your church. You are invited to join hundreds of other churches nationwide who have demonstrated their support of US troops through Strength for Service Sundays. On a designated Sunday church members are given the opportunity to contribute to Strength for Service, a daily devotional book written specifically for those in service.

On your Strength for Service Sunday, you might choose to talk briefly about the book and what an encouragement it is to so many men and women. You also could invite those with loved ones serving in the US and overseas to stand and be acknowledged, as well as say a prayer for our troops before collecting a special offering.

We believe you will be overwhelmed by the generous response from your congregation. Adam Samuels, minister of music at First United Methodist Church in Weatherford, Texas, got the idea of sending books to one of their ministerial colleagues deployed in Iraq. “I put a request for Strength for Service books in our church newsletter and bulletin. We received $1,125 to send 250 books to a chaplain in Iraq,” said Samuels. “If other churches are like ours, then this is the easiest ‘sales pitch’ in the history of good old United Methodist ‘special offerings.’”

Please contact us at 866-297-4312 if you would like us to send a book to your church to help emphasize its impact and raise awareness.

To help support Strength for Service | To God & Community, download the 2020 First Responders Initiative & order form below.



2020 First Responders Initiative
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